SuperJump Original: Fun Aerobics-style lesson. Full of energy and a hearty good workout that is safe on the joints and spine but helps kick up the metabolismo 14% more than a comparative workout on the floor.  Incredible metabolic results in as little as 4 weeks! 

SuperJump TotalBody:  TotalBody is a Circuit Based Class. Great for who loves a really strong workout, but doesn’t want to have to worry about the choreography.  Timed exercises take the guess work out of this work-out and gets the job done!

SuperJump Intensity: Intensity is for all those SuperJump Original lovers that want to take their workout one step farther. With the use of an elastic resistance band and varying jump rhythms this workout helps those that don’t have the time to come to the gym more than 2 times a week, but want a total body fun workout!  Intensity is the evolution of SuperJump Original, yet it holds its own unique character!

SuperJump Thunderbell: With the aid of a patented multi-grip weight Thunderbell is an extremely high intensity toning workout. Perfect for anyone who loves Functional Training and wants to add another level.  Acceleration weight training IS THE FUTURE OF FITNESS and we’ve created it first!


SuperJump HotDance: HotDance is a truly fun and crazy workout. Pre-choreographed songs ranging in low to high intensity help the trainers create individualized lessons for their clients while keeping them constantly engaged and excited about coming to the gym.  New modules every 3 months.

SuperJump Kombat: Kombat recalls movements that come from the martial arts. Kicks and punches are the basis of this High Intensity Stress Reducing lesson.  Great for men and women.  Kombat is one of those perfect lessons for an off-day when you really need to let go of some steam.  Symmetry and intensity are two key aspects of this lesson.  

SuperJump Junior: Junior Jump is more than just jumping for kids it’s designed for 3 different age levels with varying degrees of work and play.  Creating unity, group participation, peer interaction, coordination, rhythm, and leadership, this lesson is not just about combatting childhood obesity but also helping children increase their self-esteem.

SuperJump Core Stability: The newest course to enter the SuperJump formation school Core Stability is a highly technical course created by two master instructors that are specialized in wholistic techniques.  Core strengthening and posture stabilizing exercises are combined both standing up and lying down.  Extremely beneficial for strengthening and toning the entire body.