Jill Cooper’s SuperJump is Scientifically Proven to give results

Simply jumping on any rebounder is not going to give results necessarily.  The elastic return of Coalsport’s trampoline has been modified by Jill Cooper over 10 times to increase performance, and protect the end-user’s joints and back.  “The type of equipment that you jump on, is actually even more important than the method,” says Jill Cooper.  SuperJump cannot be performed on just any old trampoline.  It needs to follow Jill Cooper’s research in order to obtain the results that Jill has discovered over the past 8 years of work in the jumping sector.

Upon meeting Jill and her DVDs an Australian distributor changed the specs of his own rebounders because: “You just can’t do the workout on a smaller more rigid trampoline. Nor is one that is too soft going to do the job”.



  • 2 Different Scientific Studies have proven that Jill Cooper’s modified rebounder:
  • Stimulates up to 191% more muscle fibers
  • Increases metabolism around 14%
  • Helps increase lymph flow 1400%
  • Improves colesterol
  • Lowers blood glycemic levels for diabetics
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Reduces body fat
  • Diminishes impact force up to 85%
  • Augments oxygen uptake
  • Gives visible results in as little 4 weeks

Other results:

  • Improves the appearance of cellulite
  • Reduces body fat 
  • Betters venous return
  • Makes legs lighter
  • Improves athletic performance in other sports (soccer, basketball and volleyball)
  • Helps better aerobic capacity without stressing the heart
  • Improves thyroid function for those that suffer hypothyroidism