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Jill Cooper’s SuperJump launched in 2009 and immediately grew exponentially becoming the market leader in Jumping thanks to the method Superjump itself and Jill Cooper’s modified rebounder. “We don’t just jump,” says Jill Cooper, “We have created an innovative way to interpret the equipment in order to get results and stimulate client retention.


The Queen of Fitness in Italy – Jill Cooper          

Jill Cooper is Italy’s most famous televised fitness authority. Reality shows – Author of 5 books – 30 DVDS – and bestselling wellness brand for HSE24 Italy Jill Cooper is passionate about improving health and wellbeing.

While writing a book on cellulite in 2008 she modified a rebounder and created the first 140 exercises that all included extra G Force alias “Acceleration”. Without a doubt Jill Cooper is the ambassador for Jumping classes. Her dedication to SuperJump’s technical development is what has launched a world wide interest in Jumping classes.

SuperJump with Jill for the most all-inclusive lessons and scientifically proven method of rebounding-jumping on the planet!

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30000+ Units sold

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8 Distinct and innovative techniques

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