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About Jill Cooper



Fitness Author and Blogger

Producer of Fitness DVDs

Creator of Innovative Workouts

#1 Wellness Brand for HSE24

Anti-aging Consultant

Known as the "Queen of Fitness of Italy"

About Jill Cooper


Jill Cooper’s SuperJump launched in 2009 and immediately grew exponentially becoming the market leader in Jumping thanks to the method Superjump itself and Jill Cooper’s modified rebounder. “We don’t just jump,” says Jill Cooper, “We have created an innovative way to interpret the equipment in order to get results and stimulate client retention.”

Jill modified her first rebounder in 2008 while researching a new fitness protocol for her book on How to Cure Cellulite.  The first results were immediately evident, so much so that Jill sponsored two different scientific studies to understand more fully how and why her modified rebounder was getting such results.

With over 9 years now of experience Jill Cooper's Superjump has evolved into the most omni-compressive school for Rebounding on the planet.

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