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"Il corpo è
la macchina dell'anima e
SuperJump è la sua benzina..."
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Meet Jill Cooper's SuperJump


We BUILD lessons that people can easily follow and enjoy, in order to get increbible results!!

The number one Rebounding School in the world.  

In over 1450 GYMS

In 7 different European Countries

9 Years of Hands-On Experience

Over 30000+ units sold!

Take the guesswork out of your startup and start jumping with the most fool-proof formation courses on the planet.  Jill Cooper has fine-tuned and streamlined the 8 Distinct and Unique Methods of Superjump to satisfy all ages and fitness levels.  SuperJump your way to better health, stronger bones, reduced cellulite and faster fat burning mechanisms. 

SuperJump Facts and Story

SuperJump has literally taken Europe by storm.   We have SCIENTIFIC PROOF of why our method works and can tell you the best way to introduce SuperJump into your gym in order to engage your clients and increase your success.